The Rainbow Serpent Festival 2013

15,000 partygoers from all across the world trek to Western Victoria, Australia for four days (25-28 of January) over the Australia Day weekend for the Rainbow Serpent Festival. The outdoor festival is said to be the best of its kind, offering unique experiences through: music, art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation and healing.

The name of the festival derives from a story in the Dreamtime era of Australian Aboriginal myths, which expresses how animals created the world. The Rainbow Serpent created mountains and gorges as it raised up from the ground. The Serpent is important as it is meant to be the protector of the land and the source of life. Thus, it parallels the theme of the festival; to bring people together.

Despite the festival taking place annually for the past 15 years, the 2013 event may not have went ahead as authorities were weary that no emergency plan had been made in the likes of such disasters as a bush fire. The organisers released a Save the Rainbow Serpent Festival online petition, which received a staggering 9,000 signatures within its first day, so this was able to persuade the Pyrenees Council to grant a permit.

Besides music and art events, there is also a Lifestyle Village at the festival where people can relax and meet one another, take part in workshops, do yoga and hear from guest speakers. The Market Village is where you can buy food and beverages from all across the world and arts and craft handmade items. You can also learn about the Australian ancestors from Australia’s Aboriginal people where you can take part in cultural activities at the Indigenous tent.

Are you attending the Rainbow Serpent Festival this year? What are you most looking forward to?


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