What to Do at Midnight in Paris

midnight picknick

I’ve been having lush fantasies of meeting up with my good friend the Doctor, and after we have solved a couple of mysteries, he will ask me where I would like to go to for a change and I would answer with 1920s Paris. He would dawn on his tux, I would dress up in my Daisy Buchanan inspired dress and that would be us ready for the evening. Ok, so I thought well, très well about Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. So it got me thinking about what you really could do in Paris at midnight. You might not be able to transport to the 1920s, but here are some worthwhile experiences to have if you find yourself walking down the streets of Paris at midnight.

The Nuit Blanche festival

A Sleepless Night quite literally transforms night into day. Taking place annually on the first Saturday of October, from 7pm ‘til 7am the Nuit Blanche festival has an array of art exhibits, music and theatre performances open for you to experience the true Parisian bug. The flowing Seine becomes the vessel, linking the central belt’s events from the east of the city to the Eiffel Tower in the west.

A Night Tour

If you want to see the main attractions of Paris, but the one problem lying in your way is that everyone else wants to do the same thing, then why not try a night time tour free of the jumble sale of tourists? Instead of the average red bus roundabout you can spice it up a bit by heading on your adventure with such companies as the Fat Tire Bike Tours where, you guessed it, you can take a four hour bike ride around Paris. Nothing sounds better than a casual cycle to the Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Visit the Moulin Rouge

If you are a wandering traveller and you find yourself in the Pigalle district, it’s easy to tell by the amount of sex shops around, then it would be worthwhile to make a stop at the Moulin Rouge. The most famous cabaret show in the world’s iconic red windmill may seem small from the outside, but inside is where all the action is at. Grab a late three course meal inside the building which bore the can-can before settling down to watch the 80 performers dazzling in the Féerie show.

Wait on the Steps

Once your dripping head to toe in an aura of warmth after you have spent the last two hours listening to jazz in an underground bar, you can always make a quick dash to  St Etienne du Mont, rue de la Montagne Geneviève before the clock strikes midnight. Here, you can sit (and rest) on the steps and hope that a magical car will appear and whisk you to the 1920s. It’s worth a try!

What is your favourite thing to do in Paris at night?


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