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Doctor Who Movie: An Adventure in Space and Time

The Doctor has changed appearance ten distinct...

What makes Britain British? Our love for tea, our obsession with the Royal Family and our love for mad alien Doctors who fly transportation time traveling Tardis’. This year our most beloved Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary and a hell of a lot is taking place to hype up this occasion. For one thing, BBC and BBC America are teaming up to create the made-for-TV movie, Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time, to be released later this year. Although, instead of following Matt Smith and his latest companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, this film will be a behind-the-scenes biopic following the creators of the show when they first broadcasted the 1963 sci-fi treat.

There will be some linking of the present to the past with current producers, Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner taking on executive producing roles, whilst Mark Gatiss will scriptwrite. David Bradley (who’s he, you ask? When I say Filch I’m hoping you better know the answer) will play the first Doctor, William Hartnell. Scottish actor Brian Cox, who appeared as an Elder Ood in, ‘The End of Time’ episode, will portray Sydney Newman, the BBC head of drama at the time, and Jessica Raine will be ditching her midwife uniform to dawn on the role of producer Verity Lambert.

Filming commences this February with the movie being broadcasted in the autumn.


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