Each one of us has a florescent soul and to keep our lights bright we need a way to be entertained whilst learning.

Welcome y’all to A.Soul.Fluorescent.

You have probably clicked on the About page right now to find out what this site is all about and who is the person with the red eyes staring like a zombie at the blaring computer screen in the dark hours of the night to manipulate all of your minds.

First I’m going to pull back the mysterious black veil and present you with my own fluorescent soul. I’m a seventeen-year-old Martian named Danielle who is halfway through her second year at University. For all of you currently at Uni I wonder what your experiences have been. I’ve so far found it… how do you describe it? Not what the textbook claimed. Let’s just say it hasn’t offered me “the best time of my life”, maybe my lack of fulfilment from Uni life is because I started first year when I was sixteen-years-old and I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert, i.e. I’m not a big drinker, smoker or drugger.

You are right now listening to the words of a wise born and bred Scotlandan. I could have lied and gone with American, or maybe something a bit fresher like Scandinavian, but there is no point in lying about my identity as if I end up posting photos of myself you will be met with my ginger hair, freakishly white skin, freckles and all. Scotland’s not as mysterious as the media makes out: we don’t all live in wooden cottages in the middle of an empty field and declare war on one another over who ate the last Antelope. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone in Scotland lives like that! Every country has its fair share of false judgements and hopefully we will learn more about this via this blog. I’ve always faltered on my loyalty to Scotland as my homeland, it is a beautiful place to live in although it does have its downside i.e. the bad weather (which we Scots complain about and blame everything on). Although, I want to embrace everything about mi ciudad in 2013 and I’ll hopefully post some insightful features on how we do things here in Scotland.

Over the past few years I’ve realised that what has struck me as important in life is learning about different societies around the world and special events which bring separated communities together. I’ve found out that I love the arts and every piece of expression, from theatre to films; that is why I aim to become an arts and cultural journalist. Right now my most important aims in my life are: travel, learn, write – not exactly Eat, Pray, Love, but you get the picture!

Another thing about me is that I’m a travel fanatic. My parents always tell me about how when they were my age they had never been as fortunate to have travelled abroad, it would have been a challenge and a half for them to even cross the border.  In comparison I’ve been able to travel to many places, such as: Turkey, Spain umpteen times, Paris, Porto Ventura, South Africa, Florida, Mexico and across England, and I believe it’s due to this ability to travel that I have become so fascinated about the world. This year I’m going to preparing for a trip of a live time: spending a semester abroad in San Diego. I remember saying to my dad two years ago whilst on holiday in Tenerife that one day I would make my way to Hollywood, and now I will. Ok, maybe it’s not to become a scriptwriter and maybe it’s not to live, but still I’ll definitely spend a few good weekends there and I will be able to release my fandom for the movie industry. Even for an average teenager of the 90s, I realise how lucky I’ve been to go to all these places and that has made me want to continue learning and experiencing as much as I can. Also, this love may contribute to the fact that I’m a fantasy addict. I’m not meaning that I’m a Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings lover, not that I’m not not into them, instead what I mean is that I love to loose myself in novels, on the screen and through music. I’ve always wanted to live so many lives and I think that is why being able to see the world corruptly makes me think at least I can gain a smidge of insight into being someone else.

So what’s A.Soul.Fluorescent all about? I here you ask. Well, I’m going to use this wee cocooned vessel on the blogosphere pirate ship to discuss the world and all its glories. What worries me about teenage life is that there are not many insightful websites targeted at us. Sure we have lots of entertainment websites which forensically analyse the lyrics of Taylor Swift songs and who Harry Styles is now dating, but what we are who are mussing is a place where teens can continue learning about the cultures of our society. That’s where A.Soul.Fluorescent steps in.

I want to use this site as a place where we can learn and be entertained by the things which are going on outside our doorstep. To do this, A.Soul.Fluorescent will focus on the arts, news, travel and events. What you will see the most of on this site is articles on movies, books, TV, music, etc, but instead of solely posting reviews, I will concentrate on posting features influenced by the art and the true story behinds the screen. When it comes to the news I’m going to discuss quirky upbeat news which could range from if David Blaine completes his next stunt, to if they’ve found life on mars or even the next Youtube videos which are going viral. Of course I’m also going to be tackling news items which are affecting communities today, for example the Catalan’s quest for independence and how 60% of youth Spaniards are now in unemployment.

As well as the arts and news what I feel is also important is events and travel. What I’m excited about is when events bring communities together. Events will cover such things as the Cannes Film Festival, the Olympics, Eurovision and more quirky things I find like America’s Spelling Bee competitions. When you’re a teen you start to open your eyes to the opportunity and to the places around the world where you can travel. Embarrassingly, for someone who is obsessed with travel I know very little about countries, so the travel section of A.Soul.Fluorescent will offer you the histories of countries and their cultures, alongside the places you should visit if you have the cash or in the future.

Now you know what this blog is all about I thought I would create a wee list (I adore creating lists… and never completing anything that’s on them!) of my top 5 bits and bobs so you can get to know me a little better:

TV Shows of 2012: Homeland, Pretty Little Liars, The Killing, The Middle and Switched At Birth (my top show of all time will always be Lost).

Films of 2012: The Amazing Spiderman (The Dark Knight Rises was the biggest let down ever), The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Take This Waltz, Chronicle and The Imposter.

Places I’ve visited: Barcelona, Port Elizabeth, San Miguel, Orlando and Paris.

Places to see before I die: Cairo, Bangkok, Venice, New York and Buenos Aires.

Things I want to experience: Take part in a whodunnit mystery or masquerade ball, learn how do tango or belly dance, go to the World Cup in 2014 or the Olympics in 2016 (both are being held in Rio), volunteer with conservation work or teach English abroad and be Karl’s cat on An Idiot Abroad.

Oh, and that’s another thing about me, I’m a ramble of a writer, I find it difficult to stop writing and seem to go on tangents, and I think I need to stop my quantity over quality style! But, what would you rather have: a pack of four fudge doughnuts from Greggs for a pound or a singular smaller one from Marks and Spencer’s for the same price? I know what you’re thinking, writing and eating are two complete contrasting subjects and I’m just making up excuses for my tiresome writing style!

I’d like to finish off (I can hear you sigh with relief) by thanking you for reading this page, you deserve a shiny gold star just for that, and I hope you feel you can connect with my writing here and you enjoy listening with what I have to say. As much as I like to, I can’t guarantee adventure packed stories of me traveling to various lands and becoming some Princess of Atlantis (I’m still a student), but I hope I can entertain you with news and features on arts and culture form across the world.


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